MIT Global Classroom Fund:
The MIT Global Classroom Fund enables MIT faculty to develop and implement new courses/course modules or to further develop or continue existing courses/course modules conducted anywhere in the world.

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This short application form is comprised of three parts.
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In Part 3, you will be asked to attach the following pieces to your application:

> Course syllabus (including title, number, and instructors if available)
> Teaching evaluations from prior years taught (if you have taught the class) or summary score from your three most recent teaching evaluations
> Proposed budget spreadsheet
Application: Part 1

First Name *

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MIT position

Course website

MIT School

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Administrative/Financial Officer

Country and city/region of proposed activity

Application: Part 2

Brief abstract

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Complete project description

1,000 words maximum
How many undergrads will participate in the course/course module?

How many grad students will participate in the course/course module (if any)?

How many faculty and/or instructors will participate in the course/course module?

Provide a timeline for the proposed activities. When will the course/course module and student and faculty travel occur?

How will this course/course module be enhanced by the off-campus activities proposed?

What are your intended learning outcomes for the course and/or course module?

If for a course, explain how the course ties into the curriculum in the major, GIR requirement or pre-health requirement. If a course module, explain how the module ties into the course syllabus and goals. Describe how this course will enable students to:

a. Understand important global context for the concepts, topics or issues taught in class

b. Apply concepts learned in the classroom through a hands-on opportunity abroad

c. Collaborate with students abroad on issues and ideas integral to the concepts or topics taught in the subject
How will the funds be used?

What else have you done to obtain funding to fund this course/course module?

Describe successful and unsuccessful efforts.
What is your plan for sustaining this course/course module beyond the grant period?

There will be an opportunity to apply for a second year of funding if the original proposal is successful and funding is available.
In what way might this course/course module lead to further longer-term opportunities for the students involved to learn abroad (through study, internships, research, etc.)?

Application: Part 3

Please upload your course syllabus

including title, number, and instructors if available
Please upload teaching evaluations from prior years taught (if you have taught the class) or summary score from your three most recent teaching evaluations

Please upload your proposed budget spreadsheet

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